Friday, November 27, 2009

Introduction, Rules of Engagement and Goals

Who We Are:

We are 29/30 something friends and Sorors who have finally just decided that enough is enough! Life is too short,and we are simply too fly to be fat. We both have family history of all sorts of diseases that ravage the African American community, and so we're trying to get our health together.
In short, we are trying to TRANSFORM our minds and bodies.
After all, physical weakness prevents the accomplishment of much that otherwise might be done. ;)

You will hear more about us later, but here's the introductory post. This is going to be an interesting discussion. We can't promise that we'll be PC, or even friendly. But we will be honest. And we'll hold each other accountable.

Rules of Engagement:

1. We will workout 4 times a week. (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)
2. We will call each other when we are in the gym to make sure our asses are there. LOL
3. Drink 100oz of water a day
4. Sensible Eating Plan (Not calling it a diet) - full of fruit, lean protein, veggies, and fiber rich carbs
5. Communicate this blog to 5 people each! What's the point of blogging if nobody's reading it?
6. Post Before, Interim, and After Pictures (as we lose weight).
7. Post to this blog regularly, without less than 3 days in between posts.


1: Weight Goal: 180 Pounds
2. Size Goal: 12-14
3. Weekly Weight Loss Goal: 1.5 lbs a week
4. Total Lbs Lost: 70-100 lbs

Ride with us. Pray for us. Laugh at us.

Let's get it started.

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